How To Tie Shoelaces In 2 Seconds


Shoelaces have been around as long as shoes have. Early Mesopotamians used strips of rawhide to tie leather to the bottoms of their feet. Both Romans and ancient Greeks would ridicule those with sloppily tied laces, which were a significant part of the contemporary fashion. Today, learning to tie your own shoes has become a milestone for children.

But let’s be honest. Shoelaces are still a pain to deal with.
Worthy tales wants to make your life easier. This quick method of tying your shoelaces is our current favorite. For me, rushing out of the door in the morning is when I am most frazzled and pressed for time. Stopping to tie my shoes has become enough of a nuisance that I actively seek out shoes with no laces. Still, a sensible pair of athletic or hiking shoes cannot be completely avoided. Now, I can get my laces tied in just two seconds.

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