This Tiny Chef Wants An Egg And She Gets One


Little kids love to help in the kitchen. They see Mom and Dad doing it every day and want to be a part of that aspect of their life, because it’s fun and new and has delicious results. In this video, Mom and Dad were playing with their 16-month-old daughter in the kitchen and ended up having a really fun time.

They plopped a chef hat on their daughter’s head and pulled out a bowl of chocolate chips, a wooden spoon and a carton of eggs. At first, it is that carton of eggs that has her attention and she is quite focused on it. She knows she needs what is in the carton and she is determined to get it. When they finally give in and hand her an egg, they fully expected her to just slam it down and make a mess with it, but they were pleasantly surprised with the results.

This little girl has probably been paying attention to her parents and has picked up on some of the basic cooking movements even if she doesn’t understand exactly what she is doing. It looks like she understands the eggs get cracked and you need to mix things together in a bowl. While her finished product wouldn’t necessarily be very delicious, it would certainly be full of love. Check out the video to see this tiny chef at work!



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