Toddler’s “Dolphin Giggle” Is The Most Hilarious Thing You’ll Hear All Day


Parents so frequently say that one of the sweetest sounds in the world is the giggle of their baby. But you needn’t be a parent to appreciate the amazing laugh of the small child below.

While her chaperone stands close by, a baby at the bank’s edge peers curiously into the murky water. When she’s handed a small stone, she immediately chucks it into the black abyss — but the sound that comes out of her mouth is nothing short of hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, I’d argue this tot’s giggle rivals some of the Internet’s funniest youngsters. Take for instance the little cutie who went viral for hearty chuckles at nothing other than shredded paper.

Babies laugh will laugh at anything, whether it’s themselves, their siblings, or those dang raspberries that have them screaming with joy. “Laughter is foremost a social thing. You laugh in company,” Dr. Caspar Addyman, a researcher of cognitive development in infants at London’sBirkbeck University, tells the Daily Mail. “One of the clearest bits of evidence we’ve found is that it is not necessarily what you are doing, but the fact you are present with your baby that’s important — that is why they are happy.” Keep those giggles comin’!

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