Transformation Furniture: A Well-Designed Solution For Small City Apartments


Despite the increasing attention to tiny homes, the average American home has gotten bigger. A U.S. Census Bureau report reveals that the median new single-family home has increased by nearly 1,000 square feet in the last 40 years, an indication of how much Americans value space.

But another trend toward urbanization is forcing people into smaller quarters. Save Detroit, the 25 biggest U.S. cities have all seen population growth, with larger cities seeing larger increases, reported Slate. Apartment Guide notes that the average apartment size was also on the rise, but recent pressures have sparked a new trend toward micro apartments. Rent Jungle’s rent-trend data shed some light on one of the reasons why. With two-bedroom apartments renting at an average of $3,800 per month in San Francisco (up by nearly $2,000 per month from the same period five years ago), it’s not surprising that residents are looking to make do with smaller spaces.

So who is helping design- and function-focused residents meet their need for comfort and space while cramped into small apartments? Companies such as Resource Furniture. The 14-year-old company has showrooms in major cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, displaying innovative home furnishings “designed to transform any space with both beauty and functionality,” its FAQ page states.

Transforming furniture has come a long way from the standard sofa bed or even wall bed, commonly known as a Murphy bed. Ron Barth, president of Resource Furniture, describes their products as “a revolution in the complete design of space-saving furniture.” The showcase video below makes it clear why.

Wall beds no longer simply hide away behind an unusable wall or sliding doors, but serve as a shelf, table or desk when tucked away. Engineered for stability and ease of use, there is no need to clear off the desk before setting up a wall bed. In just a few quick moves, a living room or office can transform into a guest bedroom.

Sofa beds that convert into bunk beds make for an easy way to sleep two without clearing away furniture to unfold a traditional sofa bed. It’s a perfect solution for grandparents who occasionally watch children overnight, or for turning a one-bedroom apartment into a home for a family of four.

Transforming furniture and space-saving design isn’t just reserved for beds. Side tables and coffee tables that easily turn into dining tables allow a modest home to readily host large dinner parties or family gatherings. The square footage of a home should not limit the experiences and memories that can be had within its walls.

One happy customer remarked, “We’re not buying your bed, we’re buying the space your bed gives us.”



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