Watch What Happens When She Puts Ice Cream In The Oven. I Am RUNNING To My Kitchen!


Raise your hand if you love ice cream! Now how about warm, fresh bread? Are both of your hands up in the air?! Good, because in just a few moments you’ll learn how to combine these two to make one unforgettably delicious treat.

Ice cream bread….yes, you heard me right! Before recently, the thought of mixing these two family favorites never, ever crossed my mind. However, after learning about this awesome and easy recipe, I just can’t believe I went so long without knowing about this killer combo!

That’s exactly why LittleThings decided to make the following video to spread the word about our new favorite anytime, anywhere snack. Just like when we taught you how to make a delicious “Shamrock Shake,” this recipe is way easier than I would have ever expected.

The best part? You probably won’t even need to head to the store to buy anything, because ice cream bread only requires two ingredients – whichever kind of ice cream makes your tastebuds tingle, and self-rising flour. While this super simple recipe might sound too good to be true, you’ll be shocked by how delicious it is…and your loved ones will be, too!

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