This Is How They Wrap Gifts In Japan. Did You Know About This? It’s Genius!


I have a big family, with lots of cousins, kids, grandparents and grandchildren. Every single holiday season, there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing the smiles on the faces of my loved ones when they receive a thoughtful present from me.   It goes without saying, however, that my least favorite activity of the holiday season, is wrapping all of those gifts.  That is, until I saw this video about the Japanese way of wrapping gifts, which is very different than what you see being done by most American people and stores.

With this method, the package is placed on a diagonal, and with just a few moves and folds, any box is perfectly wrapped, looking amazing.  And you only need 3 pieces of tape to get this done.   There are several instructional videos on how to do this, you can just search for “japanese gift wrapping” on Youtube to find plenty of other videos, but please take a look at this one.  Did you know it can be this simple?  Do you have a better method?

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