Young Girl Who Lives ‘Off The Grid’ Stuns ‘American Idol’ Judges


As the 15th and final season of American Idol airs, we’re already impressed with some of the standout performers that have showed up so far.

One of the most memorable contestant is a 15-year-old girl who goes by the name Jeneve Rose Mitchell. Dressed in some fabulous rodeo attire, it’s amazing to think that she was a tiny baby when this television show first aired, and now she’s standing there trying her very best in front of those famous judges!

It turns out that this incredibly talented young lady has been living “off the grid” with her family for the past eight years on the side of a mountain! Unable to get electricity from town, she’s relied on kerosene lamps all these years, she’s home-schooled, and they only turn the generator on to watch television only every once in a while.

While the judges don’t seem to expect anything too amazing to come out of this little cowgirl, the second she starts playing her cello while sining, they’re all blown away. The amount of control it takes to sing while playing this difficult instrument is honestly astounding to watch.

On top of everything, Jeneve even seems to be holding back a bit in this performance. Maybe it’s the idea of being in front of the judges, or maybe the television cameras, but something tells us that this girl is going to show off what she’s really capable of once she’s in Hollywood in this final season.

All three of the judges give her a “Yes” vote, and when her whole family rushes in? We couldn’t keep back from smiling!

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