10-Year-Old Writes A Letter Hoping To Bring Her Military Mom Home


Rylie Higa was so desperate to have her military mom come home for her birthday that she sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to get involved.

“My mom is stationed in Korea,” the fourth-grader wrote. “Can you please call her boss and tell him/her to [please] let her [off] so she can come home for my birthday on Monday because I miss and love her very very very much and if she can’t come I would be very very very sad.”

Her mother had been away for nine months at the time. The distance caused Rylie to break down in tears while speaking to reporters from Honolulu’s KITV.

“I miss her,” the 10-year-old said as tears filled her eyes.

But, thankfully Rylie’s birthday wish came true as her mom flew home to be with her. The reunion, shown in the emotional video below, is just as heartwarming as the time a soldier returned home to meet his baby for the first time.

“Everyone says, ‘They don’t know how we do it,’” said mom Melissa Higa. “But I think it’s the families that sacrifice more because they are the ones that have to wait.”

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