AMAZING Footage Of Mother Squirrel Rescuing Newborn Babies From Certain Death!


One Florida family got way more than they bargained for when landscapers came trim the coconut trees in their backyard.

You see, the landscapers knocked down a squirrel nest from one of the trees. They carefully brought down the nest without hurting the 3 babies that lived inside. Immediately, momma squirrel was able to rescue her newborn babies from the evicted nest, and as this video will show you, she stealthily relocated them to another tree on the same property!

Carolina, the homeowner and woman who captured this on camera told us, “Thank goodness I was home from work at the time they were working. We have been feeding the momma squirrel since then. We feel they are part of our family now.” How amazing is that?!

Unfortunately, not all squirrel and bird families are as lucky as this one. Home owners and landscapers must be aware that they need to be very careful during tree trimming. Inexperienced landscapers who are not careful often leave the nests and babies to die. Thank God this squirrel family is safe, happy and receiving some extra care from a wonderful human family!

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