She Locks Her Dogs In The Garage. Watch What Happens When She Opens The Door…


Jeni Rosenberry is one lucky woman. She has a dog pack she lovingly refers to as “The Rosenberry Pups,” comprised of 10 wonderful, well-trained, and happy dogs.

One year, Jeni had plans to go away on Easter vacation without the pack, so she wanted to do something extra special for her dogs. A canine Easter egg hunt did just the trick! She kept her dogs anxiously awaiting in the garage as she set up the hunt in her living room. The second she opens the door and lets the dogs go crazy, I couldn’t stop smiling.

She says Easter eggs work with great surprise treats inside for the dogs to enjoy. They’re easy to open and have a delicious payoff.

When the dogs aren’t hunting down Easter eggs in the living room, they can be found snuggling together on their dog beds, posing for photo ops with Mom, or taking long hikes through the snow.

Seriously, too cute. Can I come celebrate Easter with you guys next year? Please?!

How many different dog breeds can you spot in this pack? I see a Bernese Mountain dog in there, which is one of my favorite dogs ever.

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