Astounding Dance Performance On India’s Got Talent


Iknow it’s easy to get bogged down with all the talent videos that are floating around online, but I really believe everyone needs to make time to watch this video. There are very few cases when I’ll describe something as mind-blowing, but there isn’t a more appropriate word for what happens in this video. All I can say is that I’m in utter disbelief over what these dancers are able to do.

During an episode on India’s Got Talent, mesmerizing dancing duo Sonali Majumdar and Maraju Sumanth blew away the entire audience with a performance that was off the charts. At the time of this performance, Sonali was a mere seven years old and Maraju just 13 years old. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing immature about their dancing!

The second they touch down on stage, clad in bright green uniforms, they explode into a flurry of spinning, flipping, and twirling. I don’t know how little Sonali did all of that twirling without falling over from dizziness! I would certainly not be able to keep up with this quick-footed pair, would you?

I’m sure this part will come as no surprise to you if you’ve already seen Sonali and Maraju dance, but they went on to win season four of India’s Got Talent. It’s hard to imagine crowning another winner after seeing what these two did on stage. Watch the astounding performance for yourself, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section!



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