This Baby Stopped Breathing, But This Officer Saved Her Life, And Caught It All On Body Cam


It is every parent’s worst nightmare: seeing their child is in danger. It’s scary enough when your child is sick, and other than making a trip to the hospital, you feel totally helpless. But when something happens to your child, and you have no idea what to do, panic can set in, only making things worse.

For the mom in this video, finding her daughter not breathing and totally unresponsive immediately put her and the baby’s grandmother into panic mode. As they tried to wake her up and get her to move, they also made a 911 call, a call so important that it would save this baby’s life.

Similar to the family whose dog fought off an introducer that tried to kidnap their baby, sometimes it takes an additional person (or family pet) to remain calm and step up in the time of need.

When Officer Martin Smith responded to this 911 call and made his way into the house on this particular day, he put emotion aside while he administered CPR to the 7-month-old and went by the book, catching everything on his body cam. He stays professional remains calm…until she begins to breathe.

It is clear by the officer’s sighs and friendly voice when talking to the baby that he is just as relieved as the rest of the family, and he will forever be a hero in their eyes.

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