Boy Contacts Dad On Doorbell Camera For “Emergency” That Has Dad Barreled Over In Laughter


In today’s world we live together with technology, which makes many everyday things much easier.

This is also known by the boy named Gracie, who used this technology for his own benefit. When a little boy returned home after visiting a neighbor, he forgot the number of his favorite television channel on which cartoons are being played.

The boy from Michigan visited his neighbor’s house along with his mother, then went home alone. His mother told him that she would return soon, while he could watch cartoons on television.

However, the problem arose when Gracie had forgotten on which channel the cartoons were playing. Instead of going to the mommy on the other side of the road, he ran in front of the front door, where he gained the attention of his father with the help of a security camera Ring.

He knew that the camera had a motion sensor that communicates with his father through the application. Shortly thereafter his father spotted him, and their cute conversation took over the world. There is not lack of even a wonderful scenes where the little boy showed his gratitude and love to his dad.

Take a look at how the boy found out from his father on which channel the best cartoons are being played!



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