Cat Has An Amazing Response When Greeted By Its Owner


In the video below, Mom gets home and greets her young kitten, and the response she gets from the feline is exactly the kind of adorable thing that makes baby animals so popular. The kitten starts a conversation that leaves mom laughing.

Kittens cry for all sorts of reasons. A lot of the times it’s because they’re hungry or cold, but according to the ASPCA, cats also meow to greet their owners. It’s not unusual for cats to respond to greetings with a meow, so it doesn’t always mean that something’s wrong! Seeing as how the owner in this video is just getting home, it’s likely this adorable kitten just wanted to say hello!
Do you have a pet that does something unusual every time you come home? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing stories from all kinds of pet owners. If you found this video as adorable as we did, make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook! They’ll love to see it!


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