This Cat Is The Best Fisherman Out On The Water Today


Most cats can’t stand water. If you take them anywhere near your bathtub or shower, chances are they’ll totally freak out. Unless, of course, you’re cat is like this adorable weirdo, Milo.

But if your cat isn’t like Milo, you know good and well to stay away from your otherwise sweet kitty cat if there is a chance she might get wet. Bring a cat near any large body of water and those very, very sharp claws are sure to come out, and the tail is sure to fluff up. You do NOT want to be near those sharp kitty claws, no way.

But what happens if a cat really likes fresh fish? Is it possible for a cat’s love of seafood to trump it’s hatred for large bodies of water?

This young street cat perches precariously close to the water’s edge while she patiently waits for something to pop up in the blue water. At some points, it seems like she might get soaked by the lapping of a wave, but she manages to trot away as dry as when she arrived.

If you’re not careful, you’ll miss the best part of this video. This kitty cat is the only proof you need that “cat-like-reflexes” is a completely warranted turn of phrase.

Don’t blink right before the one minute mark!

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