These Chihuahuas Were Shot At And Left For Dead Before Angels Arrived To Help


There are many different reasons why someone would abandon their pets on the streets, but there is never a reason that makes it okay.

We’ve seen a lot of incredible rescue stories here at LittleThings and we’re so grateful for all of the amazing heroes who go above and beyond to help save animal lives. However, when it comes to rescuing helpless, homeless and sick dogs off the streets, no one can compare to Eldad Hagar and his team of angels at Hope For Paws.

I didn’t think there could be a story more heartbreaking than this tiny abandoned dog whose leg was cut off, until I saw this next video about three tiny chihuahuas left for dead in the tough neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles.

Two females and one male dog were dumped in a parking lot, where they were starving to death before a local woman began feeding them. However, the hits kept on coming as criminals decided to shoot the tiny dogs with BB guns. Luckily, Hope For Paws came just in time to rescue Marty, Brooklyn, and Penny from their nightmare.

The dogs were cleaned up and cared for by veterinarians, but unfortunately, four days after their rescue, tiny female Penny died of heart failure. Heartbreaking as this may be, I’m so touched that her final days on this earth were happy ones.

What a true blessing. Marty and Brooklyn refused to be separated, so they were adopted together and now finally know what love feels like. Rest in peace, sweet Penny!

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