Dog Suddenly Jumps Frantically Near Little Girl – When Grandma Comes Out, She Freezes With Fear


When the DeLuca family of Tampa Florida rescued a German Shepherd named Haus and aged two years old two months ago, they did not even know that he will turn out to be the life saver of their daughter Molly who is seven years.

Molly’s grandmother was inside as she and Haus played outside in their yard when she saw a gigantic dog jumping in a hurried manner while cracking his teeth. She then went outside to check if all was okay and that is when she realized that a snake was there attacking the two. The snake that was attacking them is the most poisonous species of snake.

While Molly’s grandmother was panicking and frightened, Haus did something that no one could think of doing. To save Molly’s life and that of her grandmother, the heroic puppy, stood between the two and risked his life with the snake bitting him severally while he tried as much as he could to protect them.

You have to watch this touching video clip if you need some proof of how incredible dogs can be at times, that is if you had doubts.



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