Dog Tries His First Lemon, Has World’s Most Hilarious Reaction


Every once in a while we’re lucky enough to catch our pups doing something that has us in stitches laughing. This video is one such example.

Remember the first time you tried something that really tipped your pallet past its limits? Perhaps something so spicy you swore your face had turned beet red. Or how about the first time you tried a lemon? That pinched-face feeling that makes you pucker your lips and close your eyes tight? That’s exactly the feeling we get from watching the boxer in the video below who gets his first taste of lemony sourness — we’ve all been there, but this is surely the funniest reaction any of us has ever given.

It appears that this pup managed to get ahold of one of the loose lemon slices on a beachside picnic, thinking it some sort of edible form of human food. Think again, bud. After managing to get it away and into his grasp, he takes a bite — boom! He’s suddenly sniffing and rocking his head back and forth like he’s been stung by a bitter bee. Curious, he goes in for another bite — the same response. So eager is this pup to figure out the magic of this strange food that this goes on for over a minute. We can’t help but laugh, that poor pup, but it’s too adorable not to.

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