Father Honors Late Son By Fighting The Bullying That Killed Him


Oklahoma man Kirk Smalley has told the story of his 11-year-old son’s death nearly a thousand times, to anyone who will listen. The self-described construction worker and broken-hearted dad found himself in the throws of a real-life nightmare after his 11-year-old son, Ty, took his own life. Ty, the victim of frequent bullying and harassment, passed away in 2010. He was just one week from completing sixth grade.

Instead of sitting back and listening to other stories similar to his own, Kirk decided to take a stand and honor his son the only way he knew how. “One month and seven days after Ty died, it was actually on Father’s Day… I made my boy a promise,” he said. “I promised him that I was gonna stop bullying in this world.” So, Kirk and his wife began traveling 300 days a year just to speak about the dangers of bullying, even dipping into their hard-earned savings for travel expenses.

Completely free of charge, Kirk speaks to children all over schools across the country. He delivers his powerful message through his organization, Stand For The Silent, which has reached 700,000 students nationwide and he shows no signs of stopping.

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