This Guy Found A Normal Tree Stump In His Yard. What He Did With It Blew Me Away.


When one family was clearing out their property of dead trees, they came across a stump that look perfect for a wood carving. Their son was excited to share the project online. They hired Steve Kenzora, who was an accomplished wood carver and has talent you just won’t believe. Their only request?

“No men! All these sculptures are always old men or warriors or wizards, I want a woman, or animal.”

So, the artist obliged… and created an epic, mythical scene. (Maybe it wasn’t what the mother was hoping for, but we absolutely love it.)

Source: Reddit

The final result is the type of art that any family should be proud to have on their property, whether they are into dragons or not. Share this epic tree transformation with others… it’s just too awesome not to.



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