Heartbroken Mom Says, ”Please Don’t Let Anyone Be Treated Like My Son”


16-year-old Daniel Briggs was a junior in high school. He loved nature and the outdoors. He was smart and caring. He was excited to go to college and pursue his dreams.

One day, Daniel shot and killed himself.

Daniel was relentlessly bullied by a group of students for many years. His parents reached out to the school many times, but nothing seemed to help Daniel in his situation. In the powerful video below, Daniel’s mom Amy speaks to Champion of Choices about her son, and the horrific day she found him lifeless in their home.

Daniel did a good job of hiding the pain caused by the taunting and teasing at school. Just when things seemed to be looking up for him — he found confidence in his studies and made the honor roll — Daniel decided to take his own life.

Amy breaks down in tears while recounting her heartbreaking story — but she hopes that by sharing it, families won’t have to go through the nightmare of losing a child to the bullying epidemic. Her final plea to families everywhere is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

My heart goes out to the Briggs family. The more people who see this, the greater the chance of eradicating bullying — so please SHARE this video on Facebook.



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