Husky Protests Bath Time In The Most Hilarious Way


If you’re a dog owner, chances are pretty good that you can relate to this next video.

Every dog has one thing that they really just can’t stand doing and for many, taking a bath is right up there with going to the Vet as the most hated of all time. Some dogs, like this adorable pit bull Boomer, freak out just by hearing the word “bath”. It’s not uncommon for dogs to avoid bath time for days before it turns into a full-on chase around the house to hose down your pup.

In the following video, we see what has to be the cutest bath time meltdown of all time. Monk is a generally well-behaved Siberian husky who completely loses control when it’s time for his washing. When his mom finds him hiding in the bathroom, she shuts the door and it quickly turns into a hysterical protest. She tells the camera that she goes through this every single time she tries to give Monk a rinse down. It’s probably about time she got one of these easy canine cleaners.

This dog is so hilarious, it’s probably tough for his mom to get mad about such a ridiculous tantrum!

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