Judy Garland And Barbra Streisand Sing Famous Duet On ‘The Judy Garland Show’


I‘ve been mesmerized by Judy Garland’s voice many a time. I loved this clip from 1942, where she and Gene Kelly take my breath away through song and dance — her voice is simply exquisite!

So when I found this clip of the singer together with living legend Barbra Streisand, I just had to share!

If somehow you’re unfamiliar with Streisand’s voice, this clip will surely make you admire her. She has appeared in many movies as well, and stuns as an actress.

Until now, I wasn’t aware that the women had ever crossed paths in their lifetime. Because of Garland’s early death and Streisand’s still youthful look today (she’s 73!), I had no idea they had met and sang this beautiful duet in 1963!

Together, they sing “Happy Days Are Here Again” and “Get Happy,” both of which were written in the ’30s, but popularized by this live performance. The songs are lovely on their own, but as a duet, this performance on The Judy Garland Show is something you absolutely do not want to miss.

What a thrill this must have been for Barbra Streisand — she was only 21 at the time! And I’m sure that she had no idea that this would be one of her crowning moments — the singer was later nominated for an Emmy for appearing on the show.

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