Make Adorable Pinecone Owls With This Kid-Friendly DIY Project


In the days before we officially enter the holiday season, why not try your hand at some delightful, new fall crafts?

Many fall DIY projects have taught us how to fashion the perfect decoration items for the home — like this amazing fall-infused potpourri made in my Crock-Pot.

But recently, I’ve been looking for fun crafts that I can make with my young nieces and nephews on those cold, gray days to come.

Luckily, we have found the greatest craft idea here at LittleThings — lovely little owls made from pinecones!

Here are the craft materials that you’ll need:

Miniature terra-cotta pots
Craft straw
Little pinecones
Craft eyeballs
Orange felt fabric
Dark-colored feathers
The steps are so incredibly simple — all you have to do is glue together the materials, and fit them snugly into the tiny flowerpots.

Click to watch the DIY tutorial in the video below. In it, we use a hot glue gun — but if you’re crafting with little hands, you can absolutely use plain old school glue.

Will you be crafting these delightful pinecone owls at home, or with your family and kids?

Let us know in the comments, and please SHARE this craft idea if you love simple fall crafts!



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