Marine Stands Guard For 8 Hours In Honor Of Little Boy


When little Cody Green was only 22 months old, he was diagnosed with leukemia; by constantly fighting back the deadly disease, he managed to keep in shape and beat it. As he grew up, the cancer showed its ugly head again — only to be beaten back two more times by this brave little boy.

Cody said that he drew his inner strength and bravery directly from the Marine Corps. He beat this horrible disease back into remission on three separate occasions, and if you asked him, he would say it was all because of how inspiring the brave men and women who make up our nation’s amazing Marines.

Unfortunately, all the years of chemotherapy had wreaked havoc on the now 12-year-old’s immune system. Even though he was cancer free, a fungal infection began to spread throughout his little body. As he bravely continued his fight against this new foe, the infection began to spread to his brain and hope was quickly fading away.

Realizing that this precious little boy wasn’t going to make it, the Marines wanted to show just how much they respected his bravery in the face of impossible odds. This little boy kept fighting and refused to give up and of all the people who could respect his heart, it would be the men and women of the Marines.

On Cody’s last day on Earth, they presented him with Marine navigator wings and officially named him an honorary member of the Corps. While Cody was peacefully passing away, Marine Sgt. Mark Dolfini decided to remain behind as a final honor guard for the young boy. And for eight hours straight as this brave little Marine passed into the next world, he knew he was being escorted by a fellow Marine up to the gates of Heaven.

This little boy is up with the heroes of Iwo Jima and all the other Marines who have sacrificed their lives over the years.

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