The Message Given By The Answering Machine SHOCKS The Concerned Parents When They Call The School!


Though the captions within this video have incorrect spellings, the video is meant to put across what some teachers from one high school located within Queensland, Australia had to go through after receiving calls from concerned parents. Poor grades scored by the children had prompted these parents to make the calls and get an explanation as to why that was so and whether there was a chance of changing the grades. The parents had no idea that their children had failed to hand in their homework or some of them had failed to meet some of the learning requirements. The many inquiries made the teachers to come up with this!

The voice mail that was meant for parents whenever they called is what is heard in this video. You are meant to realize what our good teachers go through and the funny part of it will surely make you laugh.

We all need our children to succeed in life, and as a result, we must ensure they make the right decisions.

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