Mom Films A Gym Teacher Walking Up To Her Disabled Son, Then Doing THIS. I Can’t Believe It.


11-year-old Matt Woodrum has cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop him from trying his best, no matter what.

Matt was told he didn’t have to participate in his school’s 400-meter-race. However, Matt was determined to not only run the race, but also keep up with his classmates. During the race, Matt’s gym teacher, John Blaine, noticed he began struggling to keep his momentum and was trailing behind. So, John caught up to Matt right there on the field. Matt responded by assuring his teacher that giving up was not an option.

What happened next was caught on camera by Matt’s mother.

Suddenly and without being directed to do so, Matt’s classmates also joined him mid-race, gathering around him and cheering him on until Matt had crossed the finish line. The footage is simply incredible, and it’s enough to restore your faith in humanity. Like the group of football players who rallied behind their bullied friend, watching young kids being so selfless for one another fills my heart with hope.

Though this video is a few years old, it continues to make its way across the internet. One YouTube commenter put it best: “When you see how wonderful people can be and how wonderful these youngsters are, you know that there is hope for the world.”

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