Mom and newborn baby were thought to be dead until a miracle brought them back


When Tracey Hermanstorfer went into labor on Christmas Eve of 2009, nobody was expecting the dramatic events that unfolded. According to 11 News, Tracey’s husband Mike took her to Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs where they were preparing for a normal delivery. However, ‘normal’ was far from what happened that day.

As the following news report describes, Tracey went into cardiac arrest and was believed to be dead. Mike told 11 News that he was holding his wife’s hand when she turned blue and ice cold. The Associated Press video explains that doctors performed an emergency c-section, and to everyone’s great dismay, they discovered that the baby was also not breathing.

In the footage, Mike describes the feeling of watching half of his family die right in front of him. Fortunately, the Hermanstorfer’s story doesn’t end there. In a moment that doctors are describing as a miracle, Tracey and the baby both started breathing again.



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