Titon really wants to go outside, but he can’t because of the Rain


Titon is one of the most adorable bulldogs you have ever seen! This sweet, wrinkly pup loves the sunshine because it allows him to go outside and play. Unfortunately, it is raining on this day and poor Titon can only look at the outside through a sliding glass door. When you see the expression on his face in this video, you are bound to smile!

This pup is so cute as he stares out at the yard, wishing he was out there playing around. His expression looks so depressed but this is really just the face of a bulldog in all its glory. He is a delight to look at, even though he looks so gloomy and down.

Rumble Viral

When he paws at the window, you will feel bad for him because you can tell he so badly wants to go out and play.



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