This Is Probably Exactly What Would Happen If Your Dogs Could Text You


Most dog owners can tell you that leaving their house and their pup alone all day is no easy task. The loyalty we appreciate from our four-legged friends quickly shifts to a level of clinginess that is a little uncomfortable. You can’t even go to the grocery store without them ruining your curtains or destroying your favorite pair of shoes.

But of course, we still love them and their sweet, silly faces. Sometimes, I’ve wondered if texting my pooch throughout the day could calm her nervous energy. But as these hilarious texts show, it probably wouldn’t make a difference. The hypothetical conversations between this man and his bulldog are so hysterically true, every dog owner will wonder if this guy has been texting with their own pup.

1. Separation Anxiety

2. Re-decorating

3. Depression

4. Love Life

5. Weight Management

6. Secrets

7. Socialization

8. Hygiene

9. Humor

10. Practical Jokes

11. Life Lessons

12. The Postman

13. Film Appreciation

14. Competition

15. New Tricks

16. Doctor/Patient Relations

17. Exercise

(via Distractify)

I guess it’s a good thing that our canine friends haven’t learned the ways of modern technology. Be sure to head over to the blog, Text From Dog, for more hilarious hypothetical convos.



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