Self-Taught Teenager Plays Pretty Song On Mall Piano


When 18-year-old Monntel West went to his local mall in Lansing, MI, he had no idea that his life was about to completely change.

A food service worker for the Michigan State University, the young man has always worked his hardest to be a valuable member of society. But while working his day job, he’s always kept a love and appreciation for beautiful music.

West has always loved to set goals for himself, and had big plans to go to the local community college to get a degree in music management. West loves music of all kinds, and since eighth grade, he’s played around with the piano as often as possible.

He loved to watch YouTube videos instructing how to play new songs, and though he wasn’t formally trained, he still loved to play! So while he was waiting for his friend at the mall, and as he was a bit bored, he looked up and noticed a piano sitting in the middle of the cafeteria.

He began to play a song by South Korean pianist Yiruma; but as he continued through the song Sara Hadley, began to film him playing. Since that day, her video has gone incredibly viral and has been viewed thousands and thousands of times.

West admits that his piano playing could definitely be better with some more practice, but lessons are just so expensive. Luckily, since the video has been released, he’s gotten offers from all over for free lessons from some amazing piano schools.

Please listen to his song below; just because he hasn’t been formally trained doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a chance to try to learn how to better himself through this beautiful art!

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