Soldier Returns Home And Surprises Young Son At School


Instead of waiting for his son to get home from school, Spc. Nathan Getty decided to surprise him during class hours.

Like the military dad who photobombed his son’s school photo, Spc. Getty thought of a creative way to reunite with his boy. And, of course, his son had no idea he was coming home, making the surprise even greater.

The soldier waited in an empty classroom for his son and classmates to return from lunch. When the son enters, he immediately notices his mom, Faith, who is filming the entire ordeal. As expected, he’s a bit confused to see her there. But, he still doesn’t put two and two together.

“Go sit down,” she tells him trying not to spoil the surprise.

Seconds later, as he’s walking to his desk, the boy spots his father. He immediately runs into his arms creating a moment that will bring tears to many viewers’ eyes. It’s also very clear how much he missed his dad, since he won’t let go.

“You need to put a Kleenex warning on this,” one Facebook commenter joked.

Another said, “Still brings me to tears Faith and Nathan!!! You guys planned the surprises beautifully.”

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