She Sprays This Cheap Household Item On A Mold Spot. Why? Genius!


Most people know that hydrogen peroxide comes in really handy when you’re running around outside and you fall down and scrape your knee. Unless you’ve got some Neosporin on hand, the first thing you do is run to the medicine cabinet, grab the bottle of hydrogen peroxide, pour a little over your wound, and watch it bubble up as it disinfects the area.

Not as many folks, however, seem to know that hydrogen peroxide has a lot of handy uses around the house. Thankfully, the below video from The Savings Experiment does a great job of showing us some hidden uses of this inexpensive household item.

In the video, you’ll follow along as the host shows you how to use hydrogen peroxide to help remove perspiration stains on your clothes, disinfect your toothbrush (which we should all be doing much more often than we already do), and even how to remove stubborn mold spots under sinks — or anywhere else you have damp spots in your home.

All of these tricks are super simple, but the best one is easily the mold-removal tip. Simply pour some of the undiluted hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and you’ve got a ready-made mold remover. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in the solution will make wiping those moldy spots away a breeze.

Spray the moldy area with a few spritzes of the hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, just come back in with a dish towel and scrub away the mess. That’s it!

You can even use the undiluted solution to disinfect your counter tops and cutting boards. What an easy, inexpensive way to save money and get your house clean.

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