These 10 Hilariously Named Towns Prove That You Have A Really Dirty Mind.


Objectively there is nothing wrong with these towns’ names. Who wouldn’t want to live in Coxsackie, NY, or Intercourse, PA. They sound lovely.

You just have to get your mind out of the gutter first (if you can).

Nestled just south of Albany is the proud town of Coxsackie, New York. Sounds fun? Maybe?

All I can say here is just yep. Though it does sounds like a nice place to visit.

It may surprise you to learn that Blue Ball is often listed among the most “delightfully-named towns” in Pennsylvania Dutchland.

I’ll just leave this Mianus themed Quora thread here for you to browse at your discretion.


The jokes, so many inappropriate jokes.

Not far from Big Beaver is the town of Muff Pennsylvania. Ahem, yep.

I just hope they named the town after the TV show. Or I guess maybe a mine shaft?

Not to be outdone by their southern neighbors in Shaft, Maryland I give you Dick, Pennsylvania.

The purest town in the Keystone State, and certainly disapproving of their western neighbors’ town names.

Rounding out our list is Bumpass, Virginia. Just be careful what you’re bumping into over there when you go for a visit.

Who wants to take a road trip with me to Intercourse, PA? Seriously. We can go into the city… then out of it… then back into it. Share this list with friends by clicking below.



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