Two Hospitalized Shelter Dogs Comfort Each Other During Recovery


On the outside, Olaf and Mariah could not be more different. One is a giant Mastiff, the other a tiny, fragile puppy. But just a couple weeks ago, both dogs were considered “critical emergency” cases experiencing very similar traumas.

At just one-year-old, Olaf the Mastiff was surrendered by his family to a shelter a week before Christmas. Olaf was bitten by a snake and suffered a horrible infection as a result. Since he needed emergency care, he was sent to Second Chance Rescue in the New York City area. Thankfully, Olaf’s surgery went off without a hitch — but his emotional wounds were still raw. Here was this dog who was so young and had already felt such pain, and he suddenly found himself surrounded by strangers. Olaf needed a friend to enter his life, and soon.

Then there’s baby Mariah, a six-week-old puppy who was abandoned in a parking lot on Christmas eve. At the time, she was lifeless, hypothermic, and on the brink of death. But she, too, was saved by the Second Chance Rescue.

That’s how Olaf and Mariah ended up receiving care in the exact same emergency room — but it’s what happened next that makes this story so incredibly special…


One week before Christmas, Olaf the Mastiff was surrendered by his family.

He’s only one-year-old, but already suffered unimaginable pain when a snake bit his leg and caused a horrible infection.

Olaf underwent surgery at the Second Chance Rescue.


On Christmas Eve, a six-week-old puppy named Mariah was abandoned in a parking lot. She was on the brink of death.


Mariah was also sent to the Second Chance Rescue for medical care.


Olaf and Mariah were placed in the same emergency room — and the staff was blown away by their instant connection.

Though the pups may look opposite, it turned out they were looking for the exact same thing. They immediately found comfort in one another, and soon became inseparable! They’re spending their recovery together, showering each other with affection and love.


Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs recently shared Olaf and Mariah’s story on their Facebook page. “Well these two are enjoying each others company, both are still hospitalized, but they find comfort in each other,” the staff writes. “We are so grateful that both of them survived, and are doing well. Thank you to all of you for your support of our critical medical cases. We can not save them without your help!!”


The staff continues to post photos and updates on the shelter’s Facebook page.

Now, animal lovers all over the country are hoping these two unlikely friends will find a forever home — together!\




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