When This Usher Realizes He’s On Camera, His Response Has The Stadium Cheering


Going to a sports game is a great way to have fun. Not only do you get to watch your favorite team play, there are also plenty of activities to pass the time between periods of play. One of the more fun activities take place on the Jumbotron.

There’s the classic kiss cam, there are races to follow, and even fun facts. But maybe the best thing to see up there is the dance cam. Random audience members get their chance to shine up on the big screen when they show off their moves.

The Detroit Pistons have some fans that can dance. As the camera shot around to different audience members, many of them took a moment to show off their moves. People thought that the man dressed in one of Michael Jackson’s trademark outfits would steal the show, especially since “Billie Jean” was the song playing.

That is, until, the camera panned over to one of the ushers standing by. He was shy at first, just performing his duties. But eventually, he decides to join in on the fun and we’re certainly glad that he did.



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