Their Voices Shock The Crowd, But Look What Happens Behind The Shiny Curtain. I FLIPPED!


The Ambassadors of Harmony is a 160+ member men’s barbershop chorus, based in St. Charles, Missouri. In the video below, the amazing chorus dazzles the crowd with their rendition of ‘Seventy-Six Trombones’ by Meredith Wilson and arranged by David Wright.

The Ambassadors of Harmony represent the Central States District, under the Direction of Dr. Jim Henry. At first, the choir takes the stage in ordinary outfits. But by the end, at around the 3:10 mark, everything completely changes. Much to the surprise of the audience, the choir strips down to flashy marching band get-ups. The transition is so effortless, it’s hard to even notice the change.

This is one of the most amazing performances I’ve seen in a long time! Not only is it visually entertaining, but their voices and harmonies blend wonderfully, and they’re a complete joy to watch. Some YouTube viewers even say the Ambassadors are so good, this performance brought tears to their eyes.

Since 1994, the Ambassadors of Harmony Chorus has won top honors in the chorus competition held each October for the 5-state Central States District of the Barbershop Harmony Society. In this period the AOH acquired four 4th place, five 3rd place, and two 2nd place medals in international chorus competition, as well as the 2004, 2009 and 2012 gold medals.

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