Watch Your Favorite TV Characters From Decades Past Dance To EDM


Whether or not you’re a fan of electronic dance music, or EDM, you have to admit that it’s pretty much impossible to resist dancing along to it. No matter what your signature move is, you can dance to EDM. You can disco, you can do the shopping cart, you can even cancan. As long as you’re moving and having an awesome time, you’re doing it right! If you’ve ever seen what goes on at music festivals these days, you’ll understand that pretty much anything goes.

This means that the dance moves of the past should be able to fit in perfectly with the electronic beats you hear all over the place today. So what if, say, the Fonz were to come back and give it his all on the dance floor? Or maybe the gang from Cheers wants to give it a go? Who knows, maybe these characters from our youth would have been really into the whole scene, glow sticks and all!

Since we can’t actually turn back time and figure out whether Willis from Different Strokes would have liked to attend an electronic dance music festival, the next best thing is to test out their tried-and-true grooves on some heavy beats from today. You might think I’m crazy, but once you see your favorite characters from television past break it down like this? You won’t want to have it any other way!

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