Flower Girl Finally Makes It Down The Aisle After A Marine Officer Had To Come Save The Day


Ladies and gentlemen, wedding season is now upon us. It’s time to take out your best dresses, your favorite hats, and clutch purses, and find those comfortable heels that’ll make life so much easier when you’re walking around enjoying a wedding reception. Yes, it’s that time of year, and what fun!

We classify these ceremonies as “fun” but, it’s not a wedding unless you’ve laughed and cried. Your mascara has to run or your face has to hurt from laughing or someone has to fall over to make the day complete and seal it into everyone’s memory. I mean, you’ve got to have something else to look back on besides the bride and groom! This is an overly emotional day (in a good way!) that’s guaranteed to include all the feelings!

The ceremony that we’re sharing with you today is exactly that. The video opens to music that is slow and peaceful and played beautifully on the piano as both the flower girl and the ring boy carefully make their way down – and this is just the beginning.

Being a flower girl has to be hard work. Carrying the basket, looking pretty, getting all the attention second to the bride – but somebody’s gotta do it! This little girl is clearly giving it all she’s got because the ring bearer is leading her by the elbow so as not to lose her. As they’re walking down the aisle, she just about makes it to the bottom of the steps – and then sits down! This little cutie just needs a break from such an exhausting day!

She seems to have lost her way, fallen and can’t get back up, so a marine has to scoop her up and help her get back on her way, which she does, for a moment. But then sits back down again, and stays put! It’s quite graceful and adorable, and everyone laughs because it’s too sweet to pass up! This is such a funny little moment no one will forget!

Thank goodness for things like smartphones and tablets because that’s exactly how memories are made these days. Something memorable happens while you’re at a wedding, and you instantly take your phone out and record it — a digital memory made!

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