Police Chief Buys Homeless Family A Car For Christmas


Police Chief Aaron Easton is dealing with an unthinkable tragedy. Just three months ago, his wife passed away. Since then he’s been trying to spread compassion, which is why when he saw a Facebook post from the Conn family he knew he had to help. Jessica and Timothy Conn, along with their daughters, are homeless. While they’ve been staying in an RV, when their car gave out, it seemed things couldn’t get any worse. Their children would have to walk 2 1/2 miles to school everyday, and they did.

A man offered to sell the family his Nissan at reduced price, but they still couldn’t afford it. That’s when Aaron came in. Instead of buying his children presents for Christmas, he asked them if it was OK if he helped the Conn family out instead. “I asked them, ‘Are you OK with losing this from you guys’ Christmas fund for your presents to help this family out?’ and I was very proud that each one individually without hesitation said, ‘Yeah absolutely, yeah, let’s do this,’” Aaron told UPI’s Ben Hooper. “I think this story shows they’ve really inherited their mom’s compassion and love for others.”

We’ve seen cops buy citizens shoes and groceries before, but a car seems above and beyond. Aaron just sees it as him doing his part to honor his wife and service. After buying the family the car, he even got the Conn’s two little girls into the Christmas parade. The family is eternally grateful.

“Aaron has restored my faith in believing in fate — fate and faith,” Timothy Conn said.

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